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Our Story

"Garrett has always been passionate about supporting young families within his community."

Garrett found an opportunity to open Nest after recognizing the struggles that families were having with finding a suitable childcare program that fit their needs.  After speaking to parents within the community, it became clear that quality childcare programming catered towards full-time working families was difficult to find.  With this demographic in mind, Garrett pursued his dream of opening a childcare program that prepared preschoolers for kindergarten while making the lives of parents easier.  Nest Early Learning opened its doors in September of 2013.
After attending a conference on education three years later, Garrett was reminded about the importance of attachment figures, their relationship with children, and the impact they have on a child's overall development.  This prompted him to think about the families in his care and how Nest could better serve them.  In order to learn more about a developmental approach to childcare, Garrett enrolled into the Neufeld Institute.  He has since graduated from the program and has adopted an Attachment Based Developmental Approach into the philosophy of Nest.

Our Mission

To have every child in our care develop into their best selves.


Our Team

"How strongly am I attached to the children in our care and how can I collect them before I guide them?"

The commitment from passionate educators that have a strong belief in our mission is the heart of our program.  We maintain a low teacher to child ratio to ensure that quality care is continuous by prioritizing the well being of our children and educators.  Our educators are trained in and view childcare through the lens of the Attachment Based Developmental Approach.


Garrett Woo

As an advocate of the Attachment Based Development Approach with a degree in child psychology, Garrett is excited to provide families with a childcare program that focuses on the things that matter the most in a child's development. 


Sara Solomon

As a mother, experienced early childhood educator and small business owner, Sara is passionate about making the childcare experience truly beneficial for the families in her care.  Sara is ECE and ECE Special Needs certified.